8 JUNE 2021
Get involved in moving forward cognitive diversity in the boardroom.
Join one of our free working groups to share your ideas and help build a difference future. A follow-up Q&A session with panel will also be arranged in due course.
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Working Groups
Group sizes will be managed to promote effective debate.
Group 1.  Making cognitive diversity work in the boardroom
Cognitive diversity has the potential to transform and accelerate boardroom performance, or to fragment the board. This group will explore how cognitive diversity can be made to work safely in the boardroom
Group 2.  Understanding cognitive diversity
Cognitive diversity is a highly complex emerging field. This group will drill down into what cognitive diversity is, how it can be measured and how it can be put to practical use in the boardroom
Group 3.  The male viewpoint (men only)
This group will explore the merits, opportunities, weaknesses and challenges of diversity and its impact on the boardroom and the male contribution. Strictly Chatham House, this is the ideal opportunity to express openly your deepest held views, concerns and hopes, without judgement or criticism
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