Gender and ethnic diversity without genuine breadth in thinking styles is mere inclusion.

Assessing your board across several key spectrums, such as Executive Processing, risk attitudes and other cognitive measures, is the only way to demonstrate genuine diversity. It opens up new insights on capability and gives new appointments a more tailored and strategic fit.

Our programmes help boards identify their strengths and fine-tune their team building to get the full benefits from culture, balance and genuine diversity.

A sophisticated understanding of capabilities underpins diversity

2018 UK Corporate Governance Code

Principle J 

Both appointments and succession plans should be based on merit and objective criteria and, within this context, should promote diversity of gender, social and ethnic backgrounds, cognitive and personal strengths.


Successful engineering needs care over the selection of each component

It is curious that board selection often rests primarily on track record, gravitas and a rudimentary sense of fit.


While those considerations are very important, there are also numerous cognitive factors that will affect the quality of fit and diversity of opinions. Giving attention to these factors leaves less to chance and stimulates opportunities.

Our programmes help boards identify their strengths and fine-tune their team building to get the full benefits from culture, balance and genuine diversity.

The future governance landscape looks like this 

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Board information for ​strategic thinking

Innovation starts in the boardroom. Reshaping the dynamics around how
directors work best sets the optimal framework for organisational success.

Dynamic boards designed around their people

Top leadership teams are not constrained by traditional governance patterns. Instead debates and decisions are designed around the cognitive strengths of each board member, which generates creative new dynamics.

Innovation and creative disruption

Information is designed to draw the best thinking from directors, stimulating the most productive debates and leveraging capabilities which consistently lead to risk-balanced outcomes.