Deep Dive

Learning Burst

The deep dive is designed to focus on particular areas your board wishes to develop. While we focus on specific zones, we ensure that the context  and outcomes integrate with your strategic direction.

Short conversational workshops which explore powerful new ideas such as neural decision-making and cognitive frameworks for accelerating trust and culture.


Deep dive

We look at the practical machinery that facilitates decision-making and supervision, and the relational dynamics that determine the quality of outcomes.

It is important to maintain boardroom equilibrium and effectiveness at all times. So we advocate measured and iterative change, making small adjustments to avoid imbalances. Over time, this approach smoothly delivers the gains sought, and boosts engagement and performance.


Learning burst

 We offer a range of workshops, tools  and programmes which will generate stimulating discussions and innovative solutions.

These are based on extensive board experience and leading science. They are informal and non-invasive, designed to engage leaders at the senior level.


Each lasts 60- 90 minutes, and starts with a set of facts or propositions with profound implications. How they land for each organisation will differ, allowing for a high degree of bespoking based on your organisations's DNA.


The ability to navigate a board through the complexities of modern management increasingly hinges on the soft, interpretative skills directors bring to meetings.


These themes and more are applied
pragmatically with a focus on strategy delivery


Diverse thinking

Accelerating trust and culture

Cognitive decision making methods

Attitudes to innovations and risk

Promoting agility and enhancing supervision

Delayering decision-making

Mandate to Lead

Chairs and SIDs - a new operating model 

Popular development areas

We can help you investigate and unlock nimble ways of working

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