Board effectiveness reviews are now considered to be essential for organisations of all types and sizes.


Our evaluations provide assurance and also explore the unique dynamics of your board or exco. By applying new insights, we help make innovation and agile ways of working easy to adopt.

Delivering value with clear strategic outcomes in mind

Following a relaxed, conversational style

Our evaluations are designed to explore the unique ecosystem of your board. We use insights from observations and interviews to discuss fresh new ideas, helping your chair and board to decide the way forward.


Integrating with your ongoing development process

Depending on what your chair is looking to achieve, we have several ways to flex the evaluation to suit your circumstances.


The quality of the evaluation will meet the standards of independence and objectivity expected for the 2018 UK Corporate Governance Code, and all information is treated confidentially, discretely and sensitively.


We believe most value can be gained by designing evaluations with clear strategic outcomes in mind. That is why we give as much attention to planning as to the evaluation itself. 


An evaluation can be progressive, spreading the work over a rolling three-year timetable, or a one-off, with or without follow-up work.



We begin by establishing strategic aims and intentions with the chair and company secretary, followed by a short scoping questionnaire to the whole team to establish early opportunities.



Closing the planning phase, a formal proposal on aims and design is delivered with a follow-up meeting.



Depending on the scope, we offer an introductory presentation to the board, which helps to set the evaluation aperture. We then start with private interviews, supported by board observation, online analysis tools and an information review



A preliminary report is provided, with a private meeting with the chair and senior independent director,  followed by a final report and board presentation.



If within scope, we offer follow-up training and workshops on new working methods integrated with your long-term development intentions.

Our evaluations prepare you for the new governance landscape 

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Board information for ​strategic thinking

Innovation starts in the boardroom.  Reshaping the dynamics around how
directors work best sets the optimal framework for organisational success.

Dynamic boards designed around their people

Top leadership teams are not constrained by traditional governance patterns. Instead debates and decisions are designed around the cognitive strengths of each board member, which generates creative new dynamics.

Innovation and creative disruption

Information is designed to draw the best thinking from directors, stimulating the most productive debates and leveraging capabilities which consistently lead to risk-balanced outcomes.

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