Understanding subtle board dynamics is in our DNA

We combine almost three decades experience working within boards with breakthrough science from practicing neuroscientists, psychologists and those leading academic research. 


Our aim is to stimulate your board’s impact for measurable performance gains throughout your organisation.

Our purpose

Our team is brought together by three core principles which drive the we way we approach boardroom capability.



We help leaders understand how the best decisions are made consistently, taking into account human capability, business context, information and processes.



We promote socially-aware and responsible behaviours.



We work to improve well-being and quality of life.

Standing out

We are board insiders with a unique mix of interdisciplinary specialisms spanning business and science. Therefore we understand subtle board dynamics across wide spectrums.

We offer a platform for building trust and engagement, with ways of working that stimulate innovation and agility in complex decision-making.

Our practical tools and approach have been designed with academic rigour. We align them with your strategy to bring the full benefit of board practices and cognitive sciences to your leadership team. 

We exist to help navigate the future governance landscape

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Innovation and creative disruption

Innovation starts in the boardroom. Reshaping the dynamics around how directors work best sets the optimal framework for organisational success.

Dynamic boards designed around their people

Top leadership teams are not constrained by traditional governance patterns. Instead debates and decisions are designed around the cognitive strengths of each board member, which generates creative new dynamics.

Board information for ​strategic thinking

Information is designed to draw the best thinking from directors, stimulating the most productive debates and leveraging capabilities which consistently lead to risk-balanced outcomes.

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