Culture is about the everyday decisions and behaviours of each and every member of your workforce.​ While values help shape attitudes and behaviours to a limited extent, they do not define them.

To varying degrees, culture both supports and impedes your strategy. Following a systematic approach, your exco is ideally placed to understand your organisational dynamics at deeper levels and to take targeted action.

We facilitate annual organisational culture assessments at exco level, which provide your leadership with the understanding needed to fix strategic drags progressively, and to enhance innovation in a risk-balanced way.

Understanding how your organisational culture affects your ability to succeed

Aligning culture with strategy is now a core responsibility of top leaders under the UK Corporate Governance Code

Failing to understand and shape organisational culture in the broadest sense leads to wasted resources and failed objectives.

It is impossible to control every behaviour, but it is possible to identify those which impede and those which enhance your ability to implement your strategy. Our annual assessments help you set effective actions to align your culture with your risk appetite and strategic objectives. 

Our annual assessments cover a broad spectrum of characteristics which have a direct effect on your organisation's long-term success.


We believe your exco is best placed to recognise and understand these dynamics. The exco also provides a safe environment within which to discuss and solve often sensitive challenges. By addressing them head-on, we believe you significantly raise your prospects of innovating successfully.

The future governance landscape looks like this 

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Board information for ​strategic thinking

Innovation starts in the boardroom. Reshaping the dynamics around how
directors work best sets the optimal framework for organisational success.

Dynamic boards designed around their people

Top leadership teams are not constrained by traditional governance patterns. Instead debates and decisions are designed around the cognitive strengths of each board member, which generates creative new dynamics

Innovation and creative disruption

Information is designed to draw the best thinking from directors, stimulating the most productive debates and leveraging capabilities which consistently lead to risk-balanced outcomes.

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