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AI Horizons: Empowering Board Directors for a 20-Year Vision

AI Horizons

International webinar hosted by demyst and held on 13 December 2023.

As AI continues its ascent to the forefront of industry and governance, board directors are presented with a unique opportunity and challenge — to lead the strategic direction of their organisations in the AI-driven future. The webinar is divided into four digestible parts.

Part 1: AI timeline and architecture - now and into the future. Part 1 deals with where AI has come from and where it is going. It blows away the myths round generative AI and covers what AI cannot do currently and what it can do now.

AI Timeline

Part 2: What needs to happen before Artificial General Intelligence can reach its full potential and become a reality.

Artificial General Intelligence into the future

Part 3: People and organisational impacts. Part 3 covers the future impacts on organisations, their people and how they will perform their roles collaboratively with technology.

AI planning and execution

Part 4: An AI roadmap for organisations. Providing practical steps, this final part provides structure for planning and executing AI, addressing organisational, technology and people steps over 2, 5, 10 and 20-year timescales.


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