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Demyst Wins Hot 100 Award

We are delighted to be recognised this year in the Governance Hot 100 industry awards for innovation.

The boardroom is quickly evolving, especially during the last year, and innovation sits at the heart of that journey. We firmly believe that new ways of working in the boardroom are possible, desirable and necessary.

Our integrated, interdisciplinary approach looks at how relational foundations and supporting machinery operate together to elevate the high performance board.

One of our slogans says:

"By understanding boardroom dynamics at a deeper level, top leaders will master increasingly complex challenges, realise greater opportunities and inspire change"

If you are convinced it is time to step up your board's development, please do talk with us. We have a range of tools available for you, from short Learning Bursts at your next board strategy day to a full external evaluation. Our contact details are here.

We look forward to building our relationship with you.

Dr Tamara Russell


demyst board sciences


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