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Designing the new economy and the cognitively diverse board

This is an important and insightful lecture by Prof. Jacqueline McGlade of Gresham College. Not only is it hugely relevant for societies and governments, but also for today's boardrooms.

A summary is below.

We at demyst are convinced that designing the new economy is inexorably linked to cognitively diverse decision-making in the boardroom.

We will be presenting a thought-provoking breakfast webinar on #cognitivediversity in the boardroom through the The Chartered Governance Institute, on Tuesday 25 May.

Do keep an eye out for the announcement.

There is a seismic shift underway in economics, hastened by the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Communities and countries around the world are beginning to adopt/consider adopting well-being and prosperity as major guiding principles. The aim is to deploy new forms of economic theory and policy to reflect the importance of nature in their future development.
This lecture explores the issue of prosperity, innovation, and natural capital for iconic locations around the world and asks what will it mean for the future."


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